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Thinking Of You Poems
'Thinking Of You'


As I begin to fall asleep,
I watch the stars and sky,
And as I start to drift away,
I dream of you and I.

I know that we are only friends,
Although we flirt
almost all the time,
And so I lie here
beside my couch and wonder,
Could this be a sign?

We both seem to be alone,
And need someone to love,
So as we talk I think to myself,
Could you be my angel
sent down from above?

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I wish that I could tell you
the way I really feel,
How I think of you
every second that we are apart,
But how could I ever,
When I am scared to
just show you my heart?

Your glistening hair,
your glowing eyes,
Your amazing personality,
If only you could see,
That you mean
everything to me.

You and I together,
How sweet the sound would be,
Because before you
I thought I was lost,
And I was,
until you came and found me.

The words you say,
The little things that you do,
All these things together,
Make me completely fall for you.

So while I begin to dream away,
I wonder if you could
possibly feel the same way,
For when I awake from this dream,
You're the only face I want to see.

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I wish that we could go out,
Even for just a day,
Because all these feelings
I possess for you,
Could never, ever fade away.

So even when you think
that nobody else out there does,
I love you.
Because these feelings of mine for you,
Will never leave my heart,
You and I finally together as one,
A picture that will never fall apart.

Then again, love is pretty pointless
when they do not love you back... isn?t it?

By The X-Factor


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