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Sorry Poems
I Am Sorry


If you love me set me free,

Cause in my heart for now

you will never be,

There is nothing left

for you to gain,

For all my memories

are etched in pain,

As the memories glide by,

I ask myself how did it

get to this and why?

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We started out

young and carefree,

Great expectations

for our life to be,

We had the world in our hands,

We had no great demands,

Then life got rough,

The many troubles

we had got just too tough,

I sit here and reminisce,

I wonder if any of it

am I going to miss,

But then its time

for me to be free,

I thank you for still loving me,

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For somewhere in my heart

a part of you is still there,

But right now i really dont know where.

By tasters


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