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Sorry Love Poems
Never Have To Say Your Sorry


When we first met,

the feeling was there,

A wonderful breeze was

blowing through the air.

Sensations of love

were all around,

Even butterflies,

in my stomach were found.

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I felt magic flowing

through that breeze,

Making me

more and more at ease.

A feeling shot through me,

like none before,

Like lightning striking

down to the floor.

You said you never met

anyone else like me,

And the wonder in your eyes

I could clearly see.

When I told you just one little lie,

I broke down and began to cry.

Telling you how sorry I was,

for not being true,

But it didn't seem to really bother you.

Love means never having to say your sorry,

is what you said to me,

Because in your eyes

the true story is always there to see.

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If the love is real we'll both understand,

All it takes is the touch of a gentle hand.

Those are the words you spoke so well,

And we'll never have to say

we're sorry with words to tell.


By Wanda Stirewalt Starnes


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