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Short Romantic Poems
A Romantic Walk In Your Mind


Let's go on a fantasy tour,

to a mystical place

we've not been before.

A stroll in your mind,

leaving troubles behind,

just me with the one I adore.

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To reality waving adieu,

with a fond farewell,

it's a dream I pursue.

My princess and mate,

on a fairyland date

a sensuous day spent with you.


Perhaps we'll sit in the park

reciting a poem

to capture your heart.

With your hand in mine,

we'll talk and sip wine

conversing till long after dark.


My fingers caressing your face,

whispering to you

in our magical place.

This could be a sign,

our love was divined,

now we're held in heavens embrace.

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Bathed by the moon in its light,

we'll look for a shooting star in the night

Let's hope for a scheme, to realize a dream,

wishing we may, and we might.

It's for you I've written this verse

to help say the words I could never rehearse

Will you be my wife in this fantasy life,

and take me for better or worse?


By KenAmeigh


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