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Short Love Poems For Him
I Can Never Tell I Love You


It pains my heart, I can't tell a soul I love you,
Though every fiber of my being begs me to.
When I see a couple walking hand in hand,
Or playing at the beach upon the sand,

Tears begin to flow because it isn't you and me.
And I can't tell a soul I love you, don't you see.
Every romantic song I hear reminds me of you.
Even romantic movies bring your face into view.

I sit at the beach and write your name in the sand.
I realize nothing between us will ever be planned.
I even imagine how great our lives could be,
Then I am reminded, as you said, of reality.

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So many times, like tonight when I am alone,
Just wanting to hear your voice on the phone.
I wistfully recall our times shared in fantasy.
Your voice painting vivid pictures for only me.

I poured out my heart in poems just for you.
Sharing feelings of love for you that's true.
Expressions of desire and deep felt emotion.
But, nothing will ever come of all my devotion.

No words can describe the volatile mix of joy and pain.
Yet, how can I turn back now, my heart won't refrain,
From this wanting and needing so deep inside.
These heart-felt emotions can not be denied.

Sometimes I tremble from wanting you so much.
To be in your arms and know your tender touch.
My need to be with you is consuming me inside,
Yet, I realize my love for you must always be denied.

I sat at the beach and drew a heart in the sand
Thinking of the joy I would feel to just hold your hand.
The tide came in and washed the heart out to sea.
Like our fragile love can be snatched away from me.

I wonder when the day will come when I will be a memory,
And the essence of our shared ecstasy a lonely reverie.
More than miles separate us and are keeping us apart.
Sometimes the pain I feel is ripping at my heart.

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Yet grant to me this fleeting time to spend with you,
For I will always love you no matter what you do.
Whisper to me, painting pictures that seem so real,
And I will show you, once again, the intensity of love I feel.

When I'm gone, and in your heart, I'm just a memory.
Remember all that we have shared, and smile to think of me.
Because I know it will pain my heart that I could never tell
I gave my heart to the man by the sea, and in love with him I fell.

By MeriLove


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