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Short Love Poems For A Girl
Waiting For A Girl Like You


My thoughts are wandering
On their own
Remember memories
we share
Place them in a circle
One by one
I have so much
to be thankful for
All that days we're together
Time that we spend
Making memories
that last forever

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I am waiting here alone
In the dark of my silent home
Close my eyes
And hear your voice
As a miracle on its own
Time goes slowly by
Longing to your touch
To hold you close to my heart
Caress your silky skin
so soft and tender

In the silence of my home
I am waiting for you
Know that you come back
one of those days
And your smile
will be on your face
Make the spell even stronger
That keep me forever yours
Till soon my little angel
And the Prince
will hold his Princess
Back in his arms
where she belongs

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I love you Sandi,
you're my dream come true

By Herman


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