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Short I Love You Poems
''I Love You''


When I say, I love you,

It's more, then words to me,

A thousand touches, times over,

To last, upon eternity...


When I voice, I love you,

It's more, then just speech,

In all the soft words formed,

To within your heart, I reach...

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When I show, I love you,

As you see, what you mean,

With every beat of my heart,

upon now, a living dream...


When I touch, I love you,

With all, in each embrace,

Everlasting, to each moment,

As the memory, holds a place...


When I felt you, I love you,

I promised, to let it grow,

In all there is of us,

In the words that we sow...

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Now you hear, 'I love you',

Held within side, you, I adore,

Your own heart knows the answer,

And, "I Love You" is, forever more...


By Lovingeyes69


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