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Romance Poems
A Romantic Interlude


In a log cabin far away

On a hillside's where we'll stay.

A log fire burns into the night

See the embers, burning bright.


In front of the fire lies

a sheepskin rug

Come! Please! Give me a hug.

Three little words

you whisper to me

It's close to you I need to be.

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Lying here,

love in your eyes I see

Your devoted heart

you give to me.

Bodies fill with desire

Passion ignites, just like a fire.


Emotions rising, shooting high

Touching the midnight sky.

Love is in the air tonight

Strong and powerful,

mightier than might.

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Eternal kisses you steal from me

Gentle and tenderly.

Our love is honest, true and deep

I'm so happy, I could weep.


By precioux_dijuan


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