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Short Steps Of Time


We are born into a world where time is our substance in life.
How we utilize and maximize our time given is the reward we will strive.
From our first days on earth when we are insecure with our surroundings.
To our final days on earth when we are insecure on where we are going.

Our time is based on steps that we take and in the time that we use,
We can gain many joyous things just by merely using time without much abuse.
When we waste our time with self pity, anger and sorrow,
We have deprived ourselves of many great hidden joys and along with that have shortened our tomorrow.

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When we are young our time is in the control of loved ones around us,
As we toddle off to explore our surroundings and wonder, Why all the fuss?
Time takes us into our adventurous years when every sentence ends with "why?",
Oh, how we all look for the innocence of days gone by.

We then become a knowledgeable pre-teen when we think we know it all,
And we find we aren't invincible - and we do take a fall.
Our next steps we become the robust teenagers of youth,
We stumble, we falter, we become that of confused.

Young adulthood next uses our time and our dreams,
As we venture forward with a nervousness that screams.
Out in a world so very alone we find our life's partner to share and to hold,
We now look back to our parents to glean a knowledge on how to be bold.

We now look at the steps of the children of ours,
And think of our past enjoyments while they waste away hours.
The steps in the cycle of time start with each birth of a child,
As the shortness of time is passed to another so tender and mild.

We must use our time wisely and with great care,
For when we waste a second, a minute, or an hour - our life we impair.
For time lost today can never be replaced no matter how we try,
Any time used unwisely will give us many a reason to cry.

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So caress your time given for your enjoyments and worships in life,
Cause time can't be replaced or renewed when it is lost in our daily strife.

Times of past can be remembered and shared with many we touch,
Just handle it with care and give it to those to whom you love so much.

"Enjoy Time"
"Love Life"
"Smile Often"

By Donald L. Heili


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