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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


He loves me, he loves me not
It does not matter, for I love not
All I want or need
is a good friend
Love is nothing more
than a mystery plot

Why question if
he loves me true,
I never would say I do...
A friend is all I really need,
not another mouth to feed...

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The sun, the moon, the stars
These do not leave
emotional scars
Nor best friends who stay true
Always there to see you through

I don't need your diamond rings,
or money clips
and sparkly things,
I only need a break from stress,
perhaps you could
make my hair a mess...

Or take me shopping
like the girlies do
Shop until we drop
and when we're through
You can brightly
paint my toe nails
And look in the paper
for tomorrow's sales

As we map out
the malls we will hit,
on my backside you can sit...
Then you can
gently rub my back,
before I jump
your bones in the sack...

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Because that is all
you are really good for,
you are nothing more
than my boy toy...
So, no more
does he love me or does he not,
because how to love I forgot...

By StarandAngel


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