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Boyfriend Poems
The Perfect Boyfriend


I say if you get a boyfriend

Get the perfect one;

A guy that you could be with

Do nothing and still have fun.

A guy that makes you smile

Just simply by seeing his face,

A guy that spoils you

Yet puts you in your place.

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A guy that takes your hand

And knows how

to hold you tight,

A guy that isn't

very fond of phones

But still calls you every night.

A guy that makes

your heart all warm

And makes your stomach

go queasy,

A guy that's not afriad to say

Sweet things

that gets you cheezy.

A guy that makes you think

And sometimes overanalyze,

A guy that steals

your favorite stars

And puts them in your eyes.

There are many versions

of the perfect guy,

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Mine is picky, it is true,

But a perfect boyfriend is all I wanted,

And that's why I'm with you.


I love you Michael.

By Dimplez


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