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Best Love Poems
His Beloved


When she walks in the room

All eyes cast in her direction

For here comes the woman

The object of his affection

He is so happy and proud

He doesn't mind they stare

For she is his one true love

And he knows why she's there

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She never looked more beautiful

His heart starts beating fast

Seems she is taking forever

But she is beside him at last

Her father gives him her hand

And with the tears running down

He walks away from his daughter

In her beautiful wedding gown

Joyfully he has awaited this day

To make her his dear loving wife

This overpowering love he has

That he knows will last all his life

And when she looks up at him

To receive her now wedded kiss

The tears filling his beloved's eyes

Says it doesn't get better than this

Finally now as a newly married couple

In their car when they are driving away

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Knowing his life will never be the same

For a brand new journey started today


By isitem


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